Day Camp, Waxhaw NC


Reed’s Academy wanted to create a program that we thought would be beneficial to parents and guardians to use periodically for whatever their purpose might be. 

Therefore we started offering Day Camps during selective Union County School Closings from 7:00 am – 6:30 pm. This program is for ages 5-12 and also Tax deductible.

Kids will be separated into age groups. There will be exceptions and modifications made with our age groups, depending on our final count for that day. 

We welcome ANY child who would like to join us. The cost is $55 a day per person and $50 for our family & friends Group rate.

Reed’s Karate classes are NOT mandatory, but if you would like to take a class…our Instructors will teach you the basics during your scheduled time. 

Please make sure you bring your own lunch and Sleeping Bag for Movie & Relax time. You can also bring portable electronic devices, toys, books etc. No Cell Phones! 

Students are not forced to go to sleep during relax time; however, they must not be disruptive. 

Reed’s Academy takes pride in our programs. Your trust and commitment will not be taken for granted. Our Mission is to help develop and impact as many lives as we can. 



3504 Providence Rd. S, Waxhaw NC
Call or Text: 704-953-4939



Walk In’s Welcome!

  • Time 7:00am - 6:30pm
  • Ages 5-12
  • Teen Camp
  • Karate (included Option)
  • Teacher Workdays
  • Spring Break
  • Winter Break
  • Early Dismissal, Reed's A/S Only! 
  • School Cancellations @ discretion
  • Summer Camp, Monday - Friday

Day Camp Rate: $55 a day, per person

Group Rate: $50 ($5 off / Family & Friends)



Our Main Focus Has Always Been: BUILDING CHARACTER

We never take any of our kids for granted. It is our goal to create a positive environment through "Great Leadership".

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