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Welcome to Reed's Academy…

I, Mr. William Reed started “Reed’s Academy” in 1998. My Vision & Mission was to create programs that would allow me to implement….

Character Building, Discipline, Love, Respect, Appreciation, Family Values, Life Skills, Unity, Diversity, Fitness & Self-Defense. These traits, skills and characteristics values should be the foundation of humanity.

Reed’s Karate Academy – Est. 1998: I have over 30 years of experience in martial arts. I am a Master Instructor, with countless awards as a National Tournament Competitor/Promoter & Life- Time Achiever. My training was a positive influence in my life. I was able to develop characteristics that would eventually define who I am today, which has also allowed me to build one of the strongest martial arts program in the southeast.

Reed’s Fitness Academy – Est. 2003: Our Cardio-Kickboxing & Yoga classes were implemented to give our Adults the combination of a cardio workout as well as rejuvenating their mind and body with Yoga. Our professionally customized workouts, has allowed us to give adults the martial arts experience, without committing to a martial arts program. We look forward to adding new classes and promoting healthy body’s and mind-sets.

Reed’s Youth Academy – Est. 2007: We offer After School – Camps – Home School programs. Our youth academy was designed for parents to utilize based on their personal needs and desires. We have customized several different youth programs and adding more as we see fit. The Trust, Love & Commitment from families of the past and present, has made Reed’s Youth Academy one of the most successful programs in the Southeast.

Reed’s Academy Foundation of Hope – Est. 2018: Our foundation was created to support selected organizations. This has always been one of my long-term goals. I’ve always felt like life is bigger than our own personal desires. I’m a firm believer, that when you are blessed, you must find away to bless others… ”Giving feels better than receiving

My Vision & Mission was very clear when I started “Reed’s Academy” but, without the Commitment, Trust, Love, Respect & Appreciation from Families of The Past and Present, Reed’s Academy would not exist. You are the reason My Vision & Mission was completed and for that I will forever be grateful! Your support will allow us to continue changing life’s.

God Bless!!!



3504 Providence Rd. S, Waxhaw NC
Call or Text: 704-953-4939
Email: info@reedsacademy.com

Master Reed & Devin Reed

My Son Devin Reed started karate in 2006 at age 2. He received his Junior Black Belt in 2014, he was then inducted into Reed's Black Belt Hall of Fame. Devin is now a Middle School Student. He is showing great potential in his Academics, Football, Baseball & Basketball. My Daughter name is Kelsie Reed. She is a "Delta Sigma" sorority and an honorary graduate, with a Medical degree in pediatrics. I THANK GOD FOR MY KIDS! They inspire me to be the best father I can be.


Our Main Focus Has Always Been: BUILDING CHARACTER

We never take any of our kids for granted. It is our goal to create a positive environment through "Great Leadership".

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