Yoga for Beginners: Great for first-timers, beginners and anyone looking to revisit the fundamentals of yoga. This relaxed friendly class allows student to familiarize themselves with foundational poses such as Downward-Facing dog and Chaturanga. Poses and key transitions are broken down in entrance, exit and proper alignment. This in-depth approach leads to a familiarity with common yoga terms, a solid practice base and confidence from which any kind of yoga practice can be layered. Substitution Class: Yoga Basic  

Yoga basic: Great for anyone. A streamlined class of basic yoga poses, transitions and breathing cues offering any student the yoga essentials.  A small step up from beginner classes in its level of comprehension, complexity and pace, basic classes include seated postures, standing poses, floor stretches and breath-work. This class provides a total body experience in a simplified style. Substitution Class: Vinyasa Slow Flow 

Hatha Flow: Great gentle flow for all practitioners. Hatha Yoga is a physical discipline that involves a lot of 'asanas' or postures, which help to strengthen the body, stretch the muscles and make them lean and supple. These poses are held for various amounts of time, practitioners are able to adjust their poses or use substitution poses if needed…hatha yoga also endeavors to bring the mind and body into a perfect balance.

Vinyasa Flow:  Intermediate –  Advanced practitioners who need a slower flow that day. The toned-down speed and intensity of these flowing classes offer students a less intense vinyasa experience. Teachers will cue slower moving physical postures with the breath, incorporating sun salutations, standing and balancing postures.                  

Deep Stretch: Great for any student and athletes looking to improve flexibility and deep relaxation. Poses are taken to each person's level of flexibility and held for 3+ minutes, which allows the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to stretch and release. It is great for anyone that is looking to relax, relieve stress, achieve muscle release and increased flexibility.  This class aims to elongate muscles, relieve tension, improve flexibility while gaining range of motion, promotes good sleep, sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Recommendation: Beginners – Advance, this class should be a normal part of your practice.

Yoga for Athletes:  Great for athletes with no yoga experience, beginner, intermediate and advance students who are active in other sports looking to enhance sports skills, improving balance, core strength and flexibility. Studies have shown that athletes benefit by adding yoga to their training regimen. The selected poses offer the athlete improved agility, endurance, core and overall strength-all tools that help improve performance and prevent injury. Substitution Class: Deep Stretch.   

Yoga for Family: The whole family (ages 9+) is welcome in this fun, movement-focused class. Through use of a variety of Yoga styles, Family Yoga provides opportunities to improve strength, flexibility and a sense of relaxation while connecting with your family. Flowing sequences keep the pace of the class moving as the instructor provides full instructions allowing those with no Yoga experience to follow along. Family Yoga is a great way for the whole family to experience Yoga and build confidence toward learning and exploring other types of Yoga. 

Yoga for Teens: The benefits of a regular Yoga practice help teens develop a strong body, mind and spirit while connecting with themselves and others in a positive, supportive environment. This class is designed to help teens handle stress, peer pressure and other challenges in a healthy, empowered manner. Through Yoga and mindfulness techniques, we encourage teens to meet challenges with love and respect for themselves and others. We aim to provide a safe space for teens with resources, counseling and support available.

Group & Family Fit: One hour Low-Med range impact class instructed by Martial Arts Expert, Master Reed & Certified Yoga Instructors. The first phase of class will be a cardio-kick boxing format, which will consist of Stepping, Blocking, Punching, Striking, Kicking & Basic Self defense combinations. The second phase will include a Yoga deep stretch practice, which will relax your muscles and enhance your flexibility, while your body is in the process of cooling down.



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